The Cupcake Bible

Recently, I was at the library and decided to check out the recipe books.


This book caught my attention.

Other than the word bible, the amount of recipes makes me feel that it’s a book worth reading since I can discover different recipes by just reading this book.

I flipped it yesterday and found quite a number of easy recipes.

Not only that, the book include recipes that you can bake with cake mix.

So no excuse to those who says they can’t bake because with a cake mix,

you just have to follow the instructions and that’s it.

Isn’t that easy?!

I’m really tempted to bake soon and I just need to find myself a supplier for the ingredients.

Supply me the ingredients and i’ll bake for you! 🙂


Another section which I useful is this page where it inform the readers

about using other ingredients if you do not have those listed in the recipe.

This is such an important page for bakers because it can help you save money

and use the ingredients that is available in your kitchen.

For example, if you do not have a buttermilk,

you can just use normal milk and add vinegar or lemon.

This for sure will save you a lot of money.

So do check out this book!

You can get inspirations because this book features a lot of cute decorations and interesting recipes.

I’m thinking of trying out one of the recipes next week.

In other news, I’m looking for an affordable baking class in Singapore.

So if you have any recommendations, please inform me.

Thank you in advance. 🙂



My grandfather’s birthday is next week. I’ve been looking for banana cake recipes for a few days and I can’t find a suitable or interesting recipes so far!

My grandfather is crazy over bananas and I want to bake something related to bananas. If you have any banana cake recipes to share, please share it with me! 🙂


I couldn’t sleep yesterday.

And I started thinking.

I love baking.

I want to keep a record of the recipes I bake yet I am lazy.

So I guess why not start a blog?

I’m not an expert in baking but I loves to bake.

I started baking last May and since then, I can’t stop baking!