About Me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my page. I’m Atiqah and I’m on the search for my dream job.

I have always been wanting to try baking because it seems so easy when you see it on TV or read the recipes. However, at the point of time, I did not have an oven. Thus, I could only imagine. I have been bugging my mum for years for an oven and she finally gave in.

The journey of my baking then starts after the oven came into my life. At first, I did it for fun. However, after listening to comments from people who tasted my baking, I became more confident. I am not the best baker but I strive to be one.

I wish I knew I have the passion for baking when I was younger. Who knows by now, I might be a professional baker. I guess it is never too late to find something you have the passion for. I have a lot of dreams and one of my dreams is to go for a professional baking class to gain more knowledge. At least, baking can be might back up plan if everything fails.


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