Banana Cookies

It’s Father’s Day today and I’m celebrating it with my grandfather.

If you’ve been following my blog,

you will know that my grandfather is a fan of banana fritters.

I’ve been making him banana cakes for his birthday and other occasions.

I was really stressed.

I want to do something different and I thought of making banana cookies.

I need a recipe that is quick and easy.

After searching for days, I finally found one.

Thanks to The Burlap Blog for the recipe.

It’s so easy and you only need two ingredients.

Yes, just two ingredients!



It was supposed to be a healthy snack.

The original recipe used oats but I can’t find oats and so I used 3 in 1 Nestum.

If you would like the healthier version, you just need to replace the Nestum with oats.

You will need a cup of oats and 2 bananas.

For me, I used 4 packets of Nestum.

You can also add in raisins, chocolate chips or nuts to the cookies. It’s up to you.


Put the nestum/oats in a bowl.

Then add in two bananas.



Smash the bananas and mixed it with the oats/nestum.



And you’re done.

For the original recipe, it states that you just need to bake it for

15 mins at 175 degrees.

At the 15 min mark, it is still soft to me.

I want it harder and added in another 15 mins.

It was still soft.

It’s up to you on how hard you want the cookies to be.

Eventually, it will be a little bit soft not hard like your normal cookies.

At last, I baked it for 40 mins.

But don’t straight away baked it for 40 mins,

try 20 mins first and play around with it.



After 40 minutes of waiting and being so worried,

it’s finally done!

Let is cool for a while and it’s ready to be served.


Just look at the bananas.

At first, I wanted to add raisins but left it out because the 3 in 1 Nestums

has sugar in it and I don’t want it to be so sweet.

I love two or three ingredients recipes.

It makes life so much easier! 😉

Anyway, I would like to wish all Father’s out there,

a very Happy Father’s Day! ❤

You still have time to surprise your dad by baking him this cookies for breakfast.


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