Coffee Cake

Mother’s Day was on Sunday.

Of course, I took the chance to bake for my Mum.

This recipe is really easy and most of the ingredients you can find it at home.


You will need:

170g of butter (melted)

170 of caster sugar (I think you can cut down on the sugar)

170g of self raising flour

1 tsp of baking powder

3 eggs

4 tsp of instant coffee (dissolved it in a few tbs of hot water)


1) As said above, melt the butter.

2) Beat the butter and sugar until it is well mixed.

3) Add in baking powder.

4) Add in eggs and flour. Bit by bit.

Add in one egg then the flour.

Repeat it three times.

5) Add in the instant coffee. Ensure that the coffe is not hot.

Give the coffee time to cool down.

6) Remember that you need to preheat your over while mixing the ingredients. Then bake it for 30 mins at 160C.


This is the end product.

As you can see. there are a lot of holes.

It’s the air bubbles.


A close up of the cake.

Overall, it’s an easy cake to bake.

The cake tasted quite sweet

and I can’t really taste the coffee.

I think I will need to use black coffee when I bake this again.

It is my fault actually because I used Nescafe.

You’re supposed to use strong coffee.

I think black coffee is a strong coffee?

Credits to:

& Mary Berry’s cappuccino coffee cake recipe

Both recipes are similar.

I followed the YouTube video recipe because I had not enough butter. 🙂

Wanted to make the icing but Mum told me that she didn’t want it.

I guess she does not trust me with the icing.


So, what did you do for your Mum on Mother’s Day.

Share with me! 🙂

To all Mums out there,

Happy Mother’s Day.

Without you, we can’t function.

You’re part of us!

Thank you for all your hardwork!


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