Birthday Cake

Before you asked, no I did not bake my own birthday cake! Haha!

Celebrated my birthday3 weeks ago.

It was just a simple celebration.

I’ve always wanted to have a homemade cake.

I just feel that a homemade cake shows the sincerityand the effort someone puts it.

I’ve always wished someone baked a cake for me and I kind of got that wished.


Received a boc of red velvet cake from a friend of mine.

Even though she did not baked it, I really appreciate it.

It’s the first time someone actually took the effort to give me a box of cupcakes.

Thank you Nazurah. ❤

The red velvet cupcakes are really addictive.

Since I received the cupcakes a few hours before my birthday,

at the stroke of 12, I ate it! 😉

I think I ate half of it.

I really want to try to bake red velvet cakes.

Maybe i’ll bake it on Mothers’ Day since my mum like it too.


Hinted to mum that I want a chocolate cake.

And she bought a delicious and chocolaty cake.

Another addictive cake.

My brother ate HALF of it and it’s my birthday cake not his.

So you can tell how delicious this cake is!

I really have no luck on baking a whole cake but I really want to bake a birtdhay cake soon.

Maybe I need to take some time learning it from Youtube and reading books.

Must master it before October so that i’m able to bake for my mum

and this time, I want to make it from scratch not from the mixture box.


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