Mum’s Birthday Cake

I wanted to bake something for my mum for her birthday.

I want to surprise her.

I’ve always wanted to make her a birthday cake but we do not have a oven at that time

and I do not have the confident.

I keep thinking that baking is so hard and I can’t do it.

Time was a factor.

I can only bake it when she left for work.

And the night before I attended a concert and was really tired.

I am ambitious.

Wanted to do a 3 layer cake.

I had no choice but to cheat.


Bought a cake mix.

I even hid this cake mix in my cupboard.

I didn’t sleep all night.

When I saw my mum left for work, I quickly set up everything.

I followed the steps on the box but I was confused on the amount of water.

I blindly followed the picture and used the same thing.

And it turned out that it was really watery.

Another lesson learnt.

I need to really study the recipe.

A50rTryCAAEh1z8.jpg large

Please bear with the ugliness of the icing.

I’m not an expert on it.

For the icing recipe, you can check out the post on vanilla cupcakes.

I decided to sprinkle some heart shapes to make the cake look more “presentable”.

A50t0rMCAAI8yVQ.jpg large

3 layes of cakes that were uneven.

A50rr7rCMAAr8oD.jpg large

When I have the time, I would love to give it another shot.


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