Hari Raya Cookies

I always envy those who bakes during Hari Raya.

I never experienced baking during Hari Raya.

Since we have a oven this time round, I asked my Mum to bake with me.

It was a nice experience.


Corn Flakes is one of my favourites during the Hari Raya especially Honey Corn Flakes.

I followed this recipe

And this is how it turned out


The first few sets were burnt.

So we adjusted the temperature and lower it down.

Eventually, the rest turn out okay.

The secret to baking is to know the right temperature.

If you fail the first time, don’t give up.

Play with the recipe.

Usually, it is either the timing or the temperature.

There were 2 recipes on the corn flakes box

and it looks easy.

Therefore I tried it out.

Corn Flakes Choc Chip Meringue



For the chocolate coco pops,

I followed the steps from a Youtube video

but instead of using corn flakes, I used coco pops.


Coco Pops Chocolate Truffles.

This require no baking.

You just need to mix it and put it in the refrigerator.

I used the whole 400g of coco pops.


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