Vanilla Cupcakes

I love this recipe I found online.

Because of this recipe, I have ‘personalised’ some of the cupcakes I made.

It’s such an easy recipe and you can tweak it according to your preference.

I’ve always wanted to do rainbow cupcakes and watched quite a number of videos.

Most of it shows that one needs to bake layers by layers.

But that’s only if you’re baking a cake not a cupcake.

But at that time, I wasn’t aware of it since I’m a beginner in baking cupcakes.

But after witnessing it with my own eyes, then I realised it’s actually easy to make it.


My first attempt at rainbow cupcakes.

I used 3 colours.


The second time baking rainbow cupcakes but this time with the green icing.

The recipe on the YouTube will teach you on how to make the icing too.

But I advice you to cut down on the sugar for the icing.

It’s really sweet.

You can cut it by half.


I baked 100 of the vanilla cupcakes for a family event.


This is my favourite of all.

Mum finally bought the icing equipments and I tried it out.

So, if you want to do rainbow cupcakes or vanilla cupcakes,

just follow the above recipes.

But if you are making the icing, please do cut down on the sugar.


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